Modal shift in transportation

Universal hall and multimodal hall

Organizing intermodal transfer and breaking of load

Multimodal hall organize the breaking of load and transfer from means of conventional transportation by transferring people and merchandise to non-polluting collective modes.

At the heart of the Strasbourg metropolitan area, the creation of a modal transfer pole called a "hub of people" and an urban distribution center called a "hub of merchandise", contributes to the efficiency of the transportation offered by a single organizing authority.

At the crossroads of multiple transport infrastructures: road, rail, tramway, bus, the high-speed train station pole becomes the "hub of people". Stores and a wide range of services make it a place for meeting and living that rejuvenates the Gare Basse neighborhood.

Overview of People hub and train station in Strasbourg

Offering mobility and urban services, always accessible within less than 5 minutes of walking

Every 300 meters, a universal hall houses a range of proximity services and a relay station for collective and environmentally-friendly transport. The universal halls, both new central points and hubs of mobility, encourage variety and vitality in the neighborhoods, inspired by traditional village halls.

The universal hall located in the Wacken neighborhood of Strasbourg houses a market on the ground floor, partly supplied by nearby vegetable gardens. Its upper floors include stores, a fitness center, a health care service center and a restaurant opening on to the belvedere, and co-working spaces equipped with new information and communications technologies and offered for rental by the hour, day or week.

The configuration and use of this facility make it a dynamic central point and a factor to promote mixed use and vitality within the neighborhood, at all times of the day.

View of covered fruit and vegetable market (Strasbourg)