Sustainable construction

Rational flow management

Building water cycle and intensive use area

Limiting the consumption of water resources on the scale of the building

A water cycle was programmed on the scale of the Maison du Bâtiment in order to limit the consumption of drinking water as much as possible.

Rainwater is collected from the roofs and green spaces near the building. It is then stored in a reserve tank and reused on site, or it compensates for the partial evaporation of the natural swimming pool.

Bathroom water is treated and reused to cover sanitary and clothes washing needs, thereby economizing 30% of drinking water.

A heat exchanger recovers household wastewater to preheat domestic hot water.

Water cycle of a building

Promoting the density and vertical mixing of spaces

The Phosphore teams propose developing an intensive use area going down from either side of the high level of the ramparts of the City of Strasbourg and ending on the station side below the railroad tracks.

This new development would make it possible to superimpose service sector and housing programs on logistical and transport functions, thereby promoting the densification and mixed use of spaces.

The construction processes and the development of light wells and shelves would make it possible to modify the use of all or part of the intensive use area as a function of changing needs. The spaces intended for parking lots and technical premises could thus be transformed to host stores, restaurants or public facilities.

A set of developed terraces defines the contours of the intensive use area and reinforces the attractiveness of this side of the station which opens to the west of the city.

Intensive use area diagram