Three-dimensional approach

Proposing a reference system tailored to each region and its stakeholders.

The architecture of this reference system works in three dimensions:

  • The HQLife® principles reflect the philosophy and vision of EIFFAGE in terms of sustainable urban development. These five principles are interdependent and joint and they constitute the backbone of the reference system and are applicable regardless of the nature and the scale of the urban project in question.


  • The fields of analysis represent all of the components of an urban project identified by the client. They therefore vary as a function of each development operation according to the specific features of the territory and its actors. Each field is analyzed through the prism of the HQLife® principles to develop concrete orientations in terms of sustainable development and construction.


  • The scales vary according to the nature of the urban project: building, block or neighborhood. Various methodological and technical solutions proposed by EIFFAGE in terms of mobility, construction and sustainable development are associated with each of them.

The three dimensions of the High Quality of Life reference system