Quality of life of public spaces

Sharing public spaces

Rue Nue and Teaching Centre

Adapting the configuration of spaces to the comfort and use needs of local residents

Seeking to limit the sources of urban light pollution and energy consumption, EIFFAGE proposes adopting rationalized public lighting intended more to mark out that to illuminate.

Thanks to the new generation of LED lights developed by EIFFAGE Energie, this new lighting system innocuously provides the lighting intensity that is strictly necessary for the paths of people going about and varies as a function of the ambient light.

In addition, discreet LED lights embedded in the ground multiply the number of possibilities for the composition of public spaces. This innovation, called Luciole®, based on the know-how of EIFFAGE Travaux Publics and EIFFAGE Energie, entirely replaces standard vertical street lights and signals and materializes variable street schedules as a function of the needs at certain times of the day (pedestrian area, delivery area, restaurant terrace, space for cultural events, etc.).

The Bare Street® thus becomes a synonym of shared and pacified space through a living identification of the public space better suited to the diversity of urban activities.

  • The Bare Street® on daylight, illustrated on the North of the Gare Basse neighborhood of Strasbourg

A wave of lighting up of the Luciole® lines precedes the passing of each shuttle on the inter-neighborhood route. Near the collection points, a luminous frame indicates in advance the reservation of a space for a modulo for waste collection or for deliveries.

Rue Nue (day)

  • The Bare Street® by night , illustrated on the North of the Gare Basse neighborhood of Strasbourg

The luminous demarcation of café terraces adapts in size and position to the number of people present at that time. The kaleidoscope of the Luciole® located at the open air stage enhances the expression of street performances.

Rue Nue (night)

Pooling facilities and encouraging participatory behavior

The Phosphore teams sought to develop in the “Wacken” neighborhood of Strasbourg a place dedicated to knowledge and to the sharing of knowledge, open to active society and inspired by Scandinavian participatory teaching methods.

It brings together teaching accessible to all ages, from elementary schools to vocational training.

Teaching Centre

Located near the natural swimming pool, the teaching center offers outside spaces accessible to all users and has pooled residential, sports and dining facilities for the neighborhood. This center, bringing together several age groups at the same site, including adults, is characterized by an opening to the city and its economic actors.

Wide-angle view of Teaching Centre


Teaching Centre (diagram)