President's message

There is a pressing need for sustainable, intelligent and responsible cities.

Today’s societies, in the North as in the South, are facing growing urban pressures, leading to an often anarchic expansion of cities.
Since 2008, more than 50% of the world’s population is urban, and this underlying trend will accelerate over the next three decades.

In France, the "Grenelle de l’environnement" promoted a revolution in development practices: full integration of biodiversity and ecological continuity in territorial policies, technological breakthroughs in construction processes and the launching of an “eco-neighborhood proactive plan”.

Everywhere we see the urgent need for a “sustainable city” that is reasonable and responsible.
For our EIFFAGE Group, able to build all of the infrastructures of a city: buildings, civil engineering structures, major facilities, transport and energy production systems, the expectations of society in terms of urban renovation and “eco-neighborhoods” represent a strategic orientation. The creation of sustainable cities will generate activity and allow us to reduce our ecological footprint.
This is the challenge that EIFFAGE wishes to contribute to facing through the Phosphore program , the laboratory for research in sustainable urban development, proposing innovations that represent breakthroughs compared with the standard approaches.

This systemic and comprehensive approach is continuing today: after working for two years on the design of a 170-hectare eco-neighborhood in Marseilles, the Phosphore laboratory moved to Strasbourg in order to imagine and develop 3 eco-neighborhoods located in the heart of the city.

Pierre Berger
CEO of Eiffage